Space conspiracy theories Part 1

Lunar conspiracy

By 1969 to 1972 have walked to the moon 1-2 astronauts and recently, "Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter" even posted images in these landings. Ever since that time, the astronauts of assignment "Apollo 1" original place foot on the skies, lots of conspiracy theorists assert that all that really is not anything much more than announcement. Exactly why the moon pics would be the celebrities? Why traveling the American flag? Why footprints in the Earth ground are all observable, and traces of landing modules - no?

Space conspiracy theories Part 2

Those who're inside this modern society, state: that the horizon is always at eye level; this could not be possible if our planet was around.

They assert that there's just a video that exhibits the complete revolution of the planet. This, in addition, is not NASA a couple occasions, published a very long video out of tanks, for instance, global space channel tends to make 16 orbits across our planet per day.

Space conspiracy theories Part 3

However, clearly, absolutely nothing odd about 4 January failed to even happen. Even the planet earth gravitation is way too robust that people levitate in the atmosphere, no matter the standing of different planets. Now there are merely two methods to turn into weight less: to move in to fly or space onto an airplane onto the parabolic trajectory. Aircraft NASA for this a practice trip known as "Sickening Comet".

Universe after 3 trillion years

If astronomers take a look in the skies they visit appearance in days gone by. Even the PDE isn't surprising, but since the gentle out of the loved celebrities a long time also by the very remote galaxies - centuries. Thus, we see the celebrities since they certainly were many decades back, the way long that the lighting required to pay the exact length into the Earth.

Sun will engulf the Earth

From the near future sunlight will ruin the planets round itself, only like today, their very own surroundings, so it destroys both the black dwarf WD 1145+017. For its astronomical thing, filmed the "dying star", a set of experts from Great Britain were followed closely for seven weeks.

Astronomers have peered into the long run that the Sun is going to decode the planet earth, being a red large photograph.

Astronomy in the relatively near future

The question of what we know (and what we don't know) about space, of course, care about the minds. And not just in terms of, so to speak, "utilitarian", that is, in terms of practical interest in the planets of the Solar system, which in the near future will fly the astronauts and interplanetary environment through which they will fly their missiles. The study of the Universe, understanding the nature of the processes occurring on distant celestial bodies, are of immense educational interest.